Church Committee

The Church committee is the decision making body of the church.

The Church committee consists of 9 elected members (3 each from 3 prayer groups) and 3 representatives of various Church organisations (Youth/ Women’s Fellowship and Choir).

Apart from this, two council members are also selected from the public to represent the Church in synod meetings. The council members sit in the committee meetings on invitation only.

Church Committee meetings are held on every first Sunday of the month after the Church services. Extra ordinary meetings are held in case of emergencies on a short notice.

Following are the Church committee members elected for the period 2015 – 17 :
Rev. Shaji M. Johnson - President
Mr. Benzon John - Secretary
Mr. Jacob G. George - Joint Secretary
Mr. Jacob George (Biju) - Treasurer
Mr. Jacob P. Koshy - Joint Treasurer
Mr. P G Jacob - Member
Mr. Koshy K. Koshy - Member
Mrs. Aleyamma Iype - Member
Mrs. Daisy Chacko - Member
Mr. M A Jose - Represents Choir
Mr. Thomas P. Joshua - Represents youth Movement
Mrs. Rani Reji - Represents Women’s fellowship
Mr. Roy P. Chacko - Member & Diocesan Council Member
Mr. Anish C. Mathews - Diocesan Council Member
Dr. S. Sivakumar - Diocesan Council Member
Mr. T.M. Daniel - Auditor