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Welcome to Immanuel Church

Our Church is a linguistic Church, serving the Malayalam-speaking community in the greater Delhi area. The Church was established in the year 1999 at the East of New Delhi. The land for the church was donated by the CNI Diocese of Delhi and the church was built with the help of the members and well-wishers across the Globe. Immanuel Church is the second of the three Malayalam churches in the CSI order under CNI. As per the understanding between CNI and CSI Bishops, the priest of the church is appointed by the Bishop of CSI Madhya Kerala Diocese. We have more than 80 families in the church who regularly attend the worship services.

Our Church timings are:

Malayalam Worship Service

Every Sunday at 9.30 am except last Sunday

English Worship Service

Last Sunday of every month

Sunday school

Every Sunday at 10.30 am

Fasting Prayer

Every Second Saturday at 10.00 am

motto of the year

The motto chosen for the year 2016 is вЂ˜Seek Peace and Pursue It’ (Psalm 34:14). This beautiful and familiar psalm is written by David. In this psalm David portrays ways to receive God’s help and guidance. He shows us the right way to receive God’s blessings in our lives. Not just desire it, but with zeal and care strive to promote it. We must have peace with God, with our own heart and with our fellow human being. Nothing can more effectually promote our own happiness than peace. Hunt after it, chase it with eager desire. It may soon be lost, indeed, nothing is harder to retain, but do your best. Follow after peace when it ignores you; be resolved not to be of a contentious spirit. The peace which we thus promote will be returned to us, and be a constant spring of comfort to us.

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